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In Should I Even Be Talking About This? on September 28, 2013 at 7:15 am
Ozzy and Sharon

Ozzy and Sharon

Why is Sharon Osbourne doing commercials for the Atkins Diet?  Didn’t she get her stomach banded? (I swear, celebrities must think America is full of long-term-memory-loss idiots!) Okay- so Sharon will say she had her band removed – (as to why, I don’t know-Ill admit I’m curious) but that doesn’t change the fact that she had  an operation that got her thin in the first place, which is how she lost weight! How could that ever help a regular person (Perhaps these programs can change lives– but for cryin’ out loud- who would buy into the advice of a person who had a well publicized weight loss operation? It worries me to think people could be that gullible!) Sharon has said- time and time again that NO DIET EVER WORKED, and now she’s taking money from people by selling them the same crock of sh** she resented being sold.

Now, to completely change gears:

'You can't sit with us!!'

‘You can’t sit with us!!’

What is the freakin’ deal with Pluto? I don’t exactly ship Astrology anymore -but when I was a teen, I recall perusing astrology books with friends (remember Linda Goodman’s Love Signs?) until I realized every sign’s qualities could be applied to me (or anyone else) If someone didn’t know  their birthday, would they know their own sign through their supposedly obvious traits?  Of course not! Anyway, in those days I vaguely recall it said that being a Pisces had a lot to do with the planets Neptune and  Pluto. There was lots of babbling about ‘Pluto’s position at birth’ Pluto in retrograde, all kinds of Pluto action that I don’t remember- but I know it was important in the ‘Let’s Try And Sell Astrology’ world. So- now- what’s the deal? How do Astrologists bullshit their way around this? Do they act like it never mattered? Wouldn’t the loss of a planet shake up all of their so-called analysis and predictions? Wouldn’t all of those Astrology books be considered moot now? Don’t’ astrologists have to answer to that? Just sayin! ‘ It’s like if all math books suddenly didn’t have sevens!

I miss you, too...(tear falls...)

I miss you, too…(tear falls…)

And while we’re at it:

I see the ads for a show called ‘What Would You Do?’ where they set up a hidden camera, and watch as people ignore someone in peril.  An actor, who they’ve paid to do something vile- like steal a bike, or a man violently arguing with his ‘girlfriend’ etc. sets the bait, then the camera rolls to capture humans being despicable.  The message: You won’t believe how heartless people can be! And there is a news show affiliation to this program, which strikes me as odd. Aren’t these the same news casts that report every catastrophe known to man, including ‘Good Samaritan Gets Sued For Resuscitating Victim’ or ‘Man Shot While Trying To Help Abused Woman!’ or ‘Good Samaritan Killed While Helping Change Stranger’s Tire!” The message is (according to the newscaster with the glint in her eye) ‘Watch Out! Don’t take any chances being sued or maimed by crazy strangers!’ So, why are you surprised when people shy away from doing the right thing? They’re only minding their own business like you taught them to. For fear of the repercussions of empathy you love to report on. We’re a litigious bunch, us Americans. And doing the ‘right’ thing can sometimes be very, very wrong – or at least that’s what you keep telling us! 

And, finally…..

How annoying is it when a television show posts Tweets across the bottom of the screen? Nine out of ten times they do nothing but gush about the show, or make idiotic, personal statements, like ‘Turtleman: Poop Professor! @duhman’ It’s so distracting and nearly impossible to ignore! I feel like (unimaginative, moronic) strangers are in my living room, uninvited! Unless you can supply a feature that allows me to disable these comments- I implore you, Television Show- to STOP WITH THE ANNOYING TWEETS. (The only way these tweets would be interesting was if they posted the critical ones- then we might have a game- but that’ll be the day!! I’d love to Tweet in:’ This show is obviously scripted.  Why do you assume I’m too stupid to notice it?’ Hashtag #Come at me, bro)

Click, Click -Doom!

In Frayed Connections on March 28, 2012 at 10:24 am

I hate to get bossed around. I know nobody likes it, but I have always been extra reluctant to be told what to think, feel or do- without turning it over in my own mind first. I’m not  talking about common sense rules: I obey traffic lights, pay my bills, act properly in public, and do all those ‘good citizen’ type things. I’m talking about popular opinions and personal taste.

For instance- I don’t care if fifty billion people watch a show- if I don’t like it, I’m out. I don’t care if a book gets a five star rating- if I read it and it sucks, I’m going to shout it from the rooftops. I don’t care what the neighbors drive, wear, eat, or think. I’m not saying I don’t respect them -it’s just that they aren’t going to change my opinion about anything, and I can’t imagine either a) competing with them if they buy a brand new SUV -all I can think about are the payments! or b) feeling better about myself if they rattle home in some piece of crap. In fact, I cannot see how their actions pertain to me at all! 

On a scale of one to ten, this show gets a ZERO!

That being said- I really hate getting pushed around online. Like when you post things in an attempt to strong arm me into making a move I hadn’t planned on. For instance: a long diatribe (usually peppered with specific political leanings) that ends with ‘Repost if you’re a TRUE AMERICAN!’ I hate to tell you- but you don’t have a monopoly on being a’true’ American. In fact- I completely disagree with every word of said diatribe and am still a ‘true’ American-because that’s the very essence of ‘freedom’.  

Your opinion of me does not define who I am, nor is it your place to spell out the ‘rules’ of what it means to be an American to anyone! I am thankful I am not as presumptuous as you are, and sooo grateful that I don’t hate any particular groups of people, including you. (I would never give my energy away so cheaply) I can’t imagine yelling ‘Get Out of My Country’ like you do when you are challenged. This country is not YOURS to begin with!! How do you not ‘get’ that?

I also hate being told to re-post anything in general. I  don’t appreciate about you threatening me ‘Facebook Tony Soprano’ style. Just because I don’t re-post your things I:  Don’t really love my mother/father/brother/sister/daughter/son or pet. I don’t want cheaper gas, lower prices or equal rights. I don’t like/hate my President, do like/hate my President, don’t want better schools, cleaner air, or freedom. That due to my non-repost I’m against butterflies, puppies, newborns and bald eagles. I’m also responsible for both the death of the ecosystem and gun sales at Wal-Mart. 


Which brings me to the really crazy stuff. Sometimes you post a Friend Litmus Test. It starts out by saying, I like you, and like having you on my  friend list BUT-surprise!!- I’m giving a pop quiz today to see how many people are paying attention to me. And be warned: if you don’t re-post this, you’re off the list!. (Oh, the horror!) News Flash:There are some questions I could ask, but never would– and this is one of them. Because the truth is: I don’t want to know! I don’t want to find out you hate me, or think my posts suck, or wish I wasn’t on your list.  I trust you to do the right thing and hide me, or block me or drop me. For the love of god: Have at it! (Methinks-somehow- I will survive!)

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