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Watching The Superbowl Like A Girl: Feb. 2, 2014

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Remember: I’m just here so I won’t get fined, bro!


I haven’t heard this much talk about the weather since the phrase ‘global warming’ became a trend. I sure hope the Super Bowl doesn’t become a victim of ‘The Polar Vortex’….which sounds like a really expensive winter jacket from Patagonia or Northface, worn by George Costanza..

The New York/New Jersey infighting is not making anyone look good. But speaking for the rest of country, it’s not surprising. Both of you guys are a little carried away with yourselves. Start behaving. Don’t make us pull over this car!

We witness the yearly onslaught of articles trying to simplify football to the people who don’t even like it. Why? It is so ridiculous to me that anyone would watch a football game if they didn’t want to. Worse than that, I wish that you, dear reader, are not saddled with having to watch the game with people of this nature. Today alone I’ve seen articles titled: ‘5 Points to Help Simplify Sunday’s Super Bowl’, ‘Pretend You’re A Football Know-It-All’ and “How To Get Through Super Bowl Sunday”-like it’s the dentist! I just don’t get it! Why not go do something else? I don’t drive to the store and pretend I like shoe shopping! There are just too many other things I like-books to read and 700 other channels to watch- why waste time faking it?

As for the commercials and halftime? Could care less. Bruno Mars as the featured musical artist is so unexciting (in my opinion) that if I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor you wouldn’t even see a blip. But I’m not mad, because I don’t expect the NFL to fulfill my musical taste needs any more than I expect the next great running back to be drafted out of Aerosmith. That being said I’ll be heading to the Puppy Bowl when Bruno Mars takes the stage, awaiting the Kitten Halftime. Oh- and we’re also having an operatic National Anthem, which really makes sense- what with all of the opera fans who love the NFL. At least Joe Buck will be impressed.


Just so you know, 1. 23 billion chicken wings will be eaten today. Also: you will hear the phrase ‘chicken wings’ and all of it’s variations and offshoots (wings, chicken, ranch dressing, bleu cheese, napkins, original, boneless) 1.23 billion times today as well.


Not since his tirade on Real Sports about how soccer is superior to American Football has Sir Bryant Gumbel been so out of touch and annoying. After his end-of-the-show pose- glasses on the tip of his nose, writing something very important in his notes as per usual- a pose that makes him look seriously involved in the issues, though I suspect a game of hangman and doodles of boobies) Bryant laid down the law about people visiting his New York City for the Super Bowl.

Some of his rules for the visitors to his great city are: Don’t be loud, don’t wear lime green jerseys if you’re over the age of twelve, don’t stay up late celebrating and don’t be a ‘yahoo’. Reminding me of so many of the naysayers and wet blankets I’ve had to endure during various football games over the years, I once again say: If you don’t like football- what are you doing here in the first place? No one wants you here! Go Away!! And Gumbel? It’s not your city, it’s our city- and- I know this kills the pretentious among us- but your opinion won’t sway a single person from enjoying the game,  nor will you have any effect on the dress code, attitude, or volume of revelers. (I think when they install ‘pompous’ they have to remove ‘sense of humor’)

I hope you are inundated with lime green jerseys, bad vocabulary, unsophisticated taste, and yahoos everywhere you go!! I only wish I could get in on it. I hope it drives you mad. You would need actual surgery and really good insurance coverage to remove that stick from your butt. Happy moping.


I love this picture of Kansas City Chiefs Len Dawson during the Super Bowl Halftime in 1967,  relaxing with a cigarette and a drink!



And finally…..sob! sob! We’re done with the NFL and now have to wait till next season……waaaaaah!


Watching The Play-Offs Like A Girl/Jan.2014 (1/14)

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I hate this time of the year- when the end of football looms. It seems to fly by quicker each year- and once it’s gone it takes forever to come back. But enough about me….

You tell' em!

You tell’ em!

It’s a sad time of the year for the fans of the rest of the NFL teams, all but two not in the Big Game. Jets, Giants, Cowboys, Dolphins Eagles…just to name a few (these are the teams of most of my friends, family and neighbors) I’m sure it’s not so bad for the actual players on these teams, if Twitter and Instagram are any indication. Posting from beaches all over the world on the coldest days of the year-cashin’ checks, drinking umbrella drinks, feet in the sand- it seems to me they’re gonna be just fine.


So, Richard Sherman hollered back to Michael Crabtree after the game, and like a touchdown celebration, we’ll have to endure a week of ‘oh my god, that was so inappropriate/classless/disgusting/uncalled for’ from uptight announcers- while the majority of us loved it, and can totally see why Sherman was caught up in his emotions.  He was going back and forth with Crabtree all day-and made the winning interception/catch, sending his team to the Super Bowl. So there. But, as usual, Erin ‘Why Are You Even There’ Andrews was put off by the show of unscripted emotion and reacted like a lily-white country club lady who must endure the help for a minute or two in order to get her cocktail. 

I have such mixed feelings about some female sideline reporters. Some, like Pam Oliver and Suzy Kolber seem to genuinely like football and the men who play it, but women like Andrews stand there giving their ‘Florence Nightingale‘ reports (“So-and-so is on the bench with a lower hamstring strain…” Thanks, nurse…) and always seem off-put when they have to (I see it as ‘get to’) talk to the players. Isn’t there a tennis, polo or golf sideline for these women to go report on? And do they ever smile?

A non-offensive sport for Erin...

A non-offensive sport for Erin…


Check out this adorable letter from a hearing impaired little girl to Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks. Coleman is the first deaf offensive lineman in NFL history.



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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles



Peyton Manning finally lost one (and why that one? I think more than a few of us wanted poetic revenge on Indie Colts owner Jim Irsay, and his backhanded insults towards Peyton. I wish he had to return every dollar Peyton made him! But hey- he showed us who he was) Though the Colts won- they lost a key component of their team in Reggie Wayne, who’s out for the season with a torn ACL. (Sadly, this also means no more ‘Make It Wayne’ signs) Broncos 33, Colts 39

The Broncos didn’t seem ‘on’ from the beginning of this game (or maybe it was that the Colts hit the ground running), but it stayed ‘winnable’ right up until the end. 

I was also contemplating the odds of a guy with the last name ‘Luck’ becoming the star quarterback of a team whose insignia is a horseshoe! For real! I mean- it’s only natural for these thoughts to run through my mind during such an equestrian themed game, right?


Not only did the Jets win this week- but they beat the Patriots-(their arch-enemy!)-and foiled one Mr. Tom Brady! Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!’ (at least for week 6- we know he’ll be back) Brady said “Losing sucks-and especially to the Jets!” Losing this game was probably more of a black eye than the actual black eye Brady sported earlier in the week. Gino Smith seems to be working, and the Jets are having more and more moments of clarity- and at least half the time they  look like actual contenders. Jets 30, Patriots 27.

GIANTS WIN ONE! DON’T DROP TO 0-7! (insert sound of one hand clapping…)

The Giants finally won a game! As Al Michaels put it before the game: ‘We all know the Universe operates on the theory that one Manning has to win each week, so I’m going with the G-Men’- and they actually beat the Vikings    – but man- was it an ugly game. Some comments from the announcers included (during the third quarter ‘This is a terrible quarter of football! Both teams are just…bad) -and after spotting Micheal Strahan on the sidelines earlier, it was implied he might need to suit up and jump in. The Vikings looked just as bad. But it’s a start. And the Giants need to thank their off-the-street acquisition, Peyton Hillis (who the Giants had released and was working as a high school coach until ten days ago)  But mainly they need to thank the Vikings (Remember what a Boss Adrian Peterson was last year, how close he came to breaking that record? Seems a lifetime ago…) Giants, 23, Vikings, 7



Even though the Texan’s Brian Cushing is out for the year after being  blocked by the Chief’s Jamaal Charles, Cushing is able to acknowledge it’s all part of the game. That’s awesome.


Brandon Marshall was fined over $10,000 for wearing green shoes for Mental Health Awareness Week. He wore them last week, and posted his notice on Twitter. As a big fan of Wellbutrin, I mean no disrespect when I ask: what does this say about Seattle?


With Denver going down, only the Kansas City Chiefs remain perfectCongratulations to them!!



This isn’t exactly sports- but I have to admit that although I’m not a Beyonce person (I’m all about Jay-Z, though!) I am super-impressed with this woman’s guts! She bungee jumped from the Aukland, New Zealand SkyTower!

The jump was 1,076 feet! Just looking at the pics are giving me height flutters! Of course, the nay-sayers were all up in a huff that ‘a mother of a young child’ would do such a thing, but I guarantee they wouldn’t have said a word if Jay-Z had done it! (The father of said young child!)

Sports Snobbery

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Almost everyone loves sports. Whether it be football, soccer, baseball- the NBA, tennis, golf….whatever your flavor, there’s nothing more exciting than rooting for your favorite player (s) and enjoying a few hours of action. But like everything else in this world- there’s a hierarchy that exists, and believe it or not there are enforcers out there who want you to know: their sport  is superior. As are they, And theirs. Like the Queen Of England, or the King of Brussels. (Insert Bronx cheer here) 

We are so impressed that you can fund your daughter's equestrian hobby. But how fast do you think that horse could run 80 yards? Think he could clear a goal post?

We are so impressed that you can fund your daughter’s equestrian hobby. You must be a Very Big Deal! 

The worst are the out-and-out snobs. They believe that their sports are the best, only because other snobbish people prefer them. Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Riding (Equestrian), Soccer (the real futbol) and Crew. These are subliminal ways of putting it out there that your wallet is thick. Some people into these sports will insist you pay attention to their sport, but often poo-poo any mention of your favorite pedestrian sports- NFL Football, Baseball, Racing (Nascar, NHRA) and –heaven forbid!- the NBA (what with all of those African Americans and their Ebonics and tattoos!!) 

I once spent Thanksgiving at a Golf/Tennis house with my husband and son. Obviously, there was NFL football ‘available’. We socialized for hours, had dinner, bid our time beautifully- but when my son and I wanted to watch football on Thanksgiving (I know: crazy, right?) we were literally blocked from watching.  It felt like the Golf/Tennis people were intent on teaching us some kind of lesson. But what? My son and I have often discussed what lesson it was: I thought it was’ Don’t let your guests enjoy what you don’t personally like’-(unless you’re a titan of Wall Street and/or rich- because if you are, and visit said household,  then you can literally move the tv-and the furniture, paint the walls even- if you so desire! They will scramble to please you!)  My son, was much more to the point- he felt the lesson was: Don’t ever spend Thanksgiving in an NFL Hating house! (That’s the one we now abide by)

The funny thing is- if those same people had been at our house and wanted to watch golf or tennis- we’d have never denied it to them. In fact we’d have graciously set them up comfortably, and tried to get an insight into that particular sport. Because regardless of what sport you like, why would anyone want to deny you the fun of watching it? We’re very impressed with your social status and stoicism, but your rudeness (and that’s what it is) makes us rejoice at being cheap beer to your ‘champagne’. We prefer life in the cheap seats. Because there we aren’t required to wear masks.

Thanksgiving without Football? Blasphemy!

Thanksgiving without Football? Blasphemy!


If you don’t like the sports that I do- rather than try and put it down, or Broadcast Block me- why not just chalk it up as a difference of opinion, and respect someone else’s? Leave the competition to the players, and let us to what we like! 


(Do Not Read If You Hate Football) Random Summary For Week 2:

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OK….Week 2 (or ‘Weak 2″ for fellow Cowboy’s  and Jets Fans) went a little like this:


Everyone’s raggin’ on the quarterback who’s raggin’ on his own team. And kudos to his left tackle for not laying his ass out after shoving him on national television-whether he blew plays or not. Take J’Marcus Webb out, coach (and whoever else who should be helping!)- but for god’s sakes let’s not start a trend of team-mates punching each other out on the national stage.


For a second, Jay thought the photographer was J’Marcus Webb…

Truth is, Cutler has been showing a lot of promise since that awful Giants night game last year. Let’s keep it going in that direction for all of our sakes- the world has enough-make that too many-got damn divas!


The Broncos/Falcons game was a real eye opener. Peyton’s 3 picks in the FIRST QUARTER?! Is this the Bizarro World? In any event, I must give props to this Broncos jersey, which is both accurate and funny as of right now:


The Falcons looked great- flying all over the field, thrilling in comparison. Good night for Atlanta! (and Peyton did bring the Broncos back to within seven)


For a split second, Alex Smith wondered: ‘Could this be worth $15,000 on E-Bay?’

The NFL allegedly fined the 49er’s Alex Smith 15 grand for wearing his San Francisco Giants hat to an NFL Press Conference (this has been ongoing) In turn, the San Francisco Giants baseball team sent him a baseball cap signed by the whole team. The NFL has since rescinded the fine.


Never thought I’d be saying this, but…..

It’s a shock even to me, but I actually wish Monday Night Football would bring Hank Williams, Jr. back. The truth is: I miss the ‘Are You Ready For Some Football?’ song, and I don’t even know what the hell is going on with this Cee-Lo Green ‘collaberation’. It is so annoying-and  there isn’t a catchy phrase in the bunch. Mr. Green looks like a giant brown M&M who fell into a jar of glitter on the way to the refrigerator, and it’s not even making me laugh! So just tell Hank not to talk-just sing-and we’ll give him another chance.


‘As soon as I come to, I’m going back to the Lingerie League!’ thinks the Replacement Ref

Roger Goodell listened to his replacement Ref’s (who all ran off various fields whining: I’m Tellin!’) cry about being dissed by the coaches and NFL players. Never mind all of the bad calls- some of which have nearly caused serious injury (hello Dallas!) to the very players that Goodell is so interested in ‘keeping safe'(which is obviously not the case!). Hey Mr. Goodell (aka: ‘Daddy’): reach into your Billion dollar pockets and pay the real refs. Don’t worry, you’ll still be King….no one’s gonna come repo your yachts…

News Flash: Eeyore -I mean Cam Newton is upset….

‘Adversity. Don’t like’

Pre-Teasin’ 2 : Jets Edition

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It’s either that or Rock, Paper, Scissors……

When they said Tim was a ‘quick learner’ they were spot on!

The caption under this pic read: “FIREMAN ED REALLY LOVES FIELD GOALS! I can’t beat that one!

Gotta love New York! But come on, guys! The Season hasn’t even started yet!

Tim Tebow Signature Nike cleats: Exceptionally good in wet weather conditions ( rain, mud, walking on water)

Well, they have already set a record. First team in 35 years unable to score a touchdown in 3 consecutive pre-season games. I can’t speak for Sanchez, but what do you expect when you hire a ‘back-up’ quarterback who’s morally opposed to ‘scoring?’ 

Ordinarily, the Jets put this out to the fans in a ‘football’s back- let’s kick some ass!’ kind of way. This year, the fans put it out to the Jets, in a ‘Seriously- what-the-hell-is-happening?’ kind of way…………..

I mean this all in good fun. Really! Nothing’s real till the season starts. But as usual, it’s always a lot of fun talking about the New York Jets!!!

ps: That Denver/Niners game was cool, huh? Almost had the energy of a real season game!

Just Sayin’

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Even though everyone seems to thrive on bragging about how ‘busy’ they are (and yet, they watch every show on tv, see every movie and play Farmville) isn’t Nail Art the absolute proof that people have way too much time on their hands? Literally?!

What is this ridiculousness? Is there such a thing as ‘Fingernail Hoarders!’


Did it really take 37 hours to watch the Daytona 500 this year? And how did it happen that I (not the guys) ended up being the one to stick it out? I haven’t really cared about Nascar in a few years (since Earnhardt went to the other side) It was cancelled completely on Sunday. I do think it was a good idea to run the race Monday night instead of at 12:00 noon (otherwise everyone’s at work) and I think they should implement that from now on, for all postponed races.

Bizarro World?!!!

The crash that occurred when Juan Pablo Montoya lost control of his car and hit the safety patrol truck (loaded with 200 gallons of jet fuel!) was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in Nascar! Everyone walked away, but the fire was something like ‘Inferno!’…this led to a two to three hour  delay, and at that point I was like: ‘I’ve stuck it out this far….’ and next thing you know: It’s 1am, and Matt Kenseth wins, Earnhardt in 2nd. Pretty anticlimactic. I still don’t know why I didn’t change the channel….I think I was hypnotized by that jet fuel!


I wasn’t a Davy Jones girl….but I sure loved reading Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine. Davy was one of the many cuties in those pages, and who can forget the Marcia Brady/Davy Jones Dance Debacle? The fact that we all swooned over those magazines was a testament to our ‘Daydream Believing!’


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Mama Bird’s Blog / Don’t Hate Me Because I Hate Football.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that lots of women hate football? I ‘get’ that I like football more than the average woman. I’m okay with that, and I don’t force any of my lady friends to watch football with me, and everything’s cool. But I really feel sorry for the guys out there who like football, and have to get bitched at about it by their wives and/or girlfriends on a regular basis. There are a plethora of commercials about guys who have to ‘disguise’ the fact that they’re watching football or even keeping track of the score. “ARE YOU CHECKING THE SCORES?!’ the woman will bellow, and the idiot guy will  cower and try to deny that he’s -ohmyGod!-watching football. I want with every bone in my body for the guy to say: ‘YES! I’M CHECKING THE SCORES! WHAT ARE YOU? MY MOTHER?!…but of course, bumbling, doofus guys are a staple of Madison Avenue, so…no.

The woman who wrote the blog above (‘Mama Bird’) is obviously very bothered that her husband doesn’t want to go shoe shopping, watch Lifetime tv movies with her, or drink Cosmopolitans and talk to her about her feelings over joint pedicures.  She seems to be bragging that her husband only watches two teams, and even then- on the DVR! (What lover of football would ever do this, other than in an emergency? His football ‘loving’ is somewhat suspect!) but all I can think is: This poor guy! WHY can’t he just like football, and be done with it? I wonder if he ever tells her what to like or not like? When was the last time you heard a guy say: “Don’t go shopping?”  

There are plenty of things that other people love that I hate: American Idol, Golf, All Awards Shows including The Oscars and The Academy Awards, Country Music, Classic Rock, Mystery and Romance Novels, Anime and Super Hero Movies, Chick Flicks and Lady Gaga, just to name a few. They all make me sick! But I don’t confront the people who do like those things and try and convince them not to! This Mama-Bird woman is probably fostering resentment in her husband, and he’ll more than likely go somewhere to watch football in peace with his friends when he gets tired of kissing her ass.  The man in my life- I can’t imagine trying to get him to stop watching his Drag Racing, or the action movies he happens to like more than football. Why in the world do I want to guilt him into changing how he spends his Sundays? Or how he wants to relax. He’s off-the-clock! He’s a man, not a child! I just don’t ‘get’ why women so actively want to ‘cut guys off’ from the sports they want to watch!

I understand that ‘Mama Bird’ has a blog, (which I came across randomly) and she’s expressing herself-just like I am- but what she is saying is so common, and has been for a long time. It’s become acceptable wife/girlfriend behavior. I just think there are so many worse things a man can do other than like football- and want to watch it. Think about the things that you like- be it music, books, shopping, shoes – what would you feel like if someone constantly bitched at you to stop enjoying it? What if you posted your favorite song on Facebook and people wrote in to say ‘That song sucks?’ Would you suddenly NOT LIKE that song? Of course you wouldn’t- but you’d think the person who wrote that was a jerk.



There’s a lot of (mostly) women out there right now who are venting about hating football. I’m very lucky to have cool, funny friends, so we can all joke about it, and laugh.(Kris! Lor!) But some people are practically spitting nails about their football hatred. And they won’t change a single mind, or make any of us football lovers like it one bit less. Football’s almost over, as well. So cool your jets and think about it: why do you like the things you like? And who I am, to argue with you? I’m fine to just let you enjoy your stuff. And when I have nothing nice to say about it- I’ll keep it to myself. Hut Hut.

‘Breaking Bad’ (calls!)

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“C’mon, Man!”

Tom Coughlin: ‘Sick to my stomach’ over photo validating Jake Ballard’s Giant TD – NYPOST.com.


God knows, we’ve all been there. Nothing in sports can drive one as crazy as the blown call! Even with instant replay and challenges it still happens- and will continue to happen. Everyone feels bad about it, but the only time we feel legal action! must be taken, referees dismissed, the entire country should come to a halt and fix this thing!! is when it happens to OUR  favorite team! Then,  it feels like a social injustice, and it’s hard for us to see people going along – lalala- like it’s just another day. WTF?! My team lost on a BAD CALL mofo’s- and I’ll be needing you all to show the proper amount of indignation. Luckily, the feeling passes rather quickly. Usually within a month or two. (Unless it’s the play-offs!)

Not that it helps in any way, shape or form, but in the Giants case, at least it wasn’t at the end of the game. Because it happened in the first half, one can imagine that even if the call had been correctly identified, it may have altered what play Green Bay called next, and so on and so forth, and it isn’t a given that the Giants would have won. Though they came so freakin’ close- and looked damn good! Like they definitely had it in’em!! I feel for their fans, and can relate to that gut-wrenching feeling of having been cheated out of a possible win.

That being said, I think the amount of calls that do get called properly- because of challenge flags and upstairs reviews- have greatly improved the chances of getting the right call made, which is a win-win for the game in general.


“Imma be E-Bay Rich, Bitches!”

Cam Newton is on fire- and has been all season. As a rookie quarterback! Unfortunately, his Carolina Panthers can’t register ‘W’s’, and he’s been overshadowed by God’s son, Mr.  Timothy TeBlow. I enjoyed watching Cam play Sunday- goofing around with his team and opponents, and after his record-setting play (13 Rushing Touchdowns, a record that’s held since the 60’s) – when he danced over to a sixteen year old wearing a ‘Mrs. Newton’ shirt, and handed her the ball. All I could think was ‘Wow’- that chick just hit pay-dirt, that ball is worth a serious chunk of change! (I’m so jaded! I didn’t even visit the ‘she can hold onto it forever’ school of thought. Ah- if only I were from a ‘simpler’ time….)

The 16 year old (Katie Brown) was asked shortly thereafter, if she would surrender the ball because it had to go to the Football Hall Of Fame, in Canton. In exchange she was given another regulation (but un-blessed) football and four Panther’s hats. (There was a promise of ‘more stuff in the mail’ as well) She was really cool about it (thus ruining any chances of being the subject of the next 30×30 on ESPN) and said she knew that the ball was special to Cam, and had no problem giving it up. (Don’t go on E-Bay, Katie! Don’t play ‘what if!’) I find it refreshing to see how classy a 16 year old can be (take note everyone else!), and it was a sweet moment to watch.


“I’m as elusive on the field as that Pot of Gold is at the end of the Rainbow!”

Marshawn Lynch is one scary dude! He has an aura about him that is dark and intimidating. Like, for real! Who wouldn’t want this guy on their team? What a game he had against the Eagles in Seattle! Especially the play where he disappeared into the pile, miraculously re-appeared, and then scored! Whoah! Because he’s such a tough player, and so ‘beastly’ – it was especially cute to watch his little in-game Skittles ritual. The fact that it was candy- ohgodforbid! SUGAR!!-made it even funnier. I can imagine the horror all of those granola-toting, organic, earth mother types out there in Seattle felt- rushing to cover their children’s eyes, and top-off their soy-milk filled sippy-cups (non-toxic, recyclable). Of course, many of those types don’t watch the violent game of football in the first place. Right?? Poor things!


Unlike Ndamukong Suh himself, I’m not gonna pile on right now…..although I will say that the most questionable thing about this accident (to me) is: Why wasn’t Suh driving a Chrysler, the car he did the commercial for? Could the lack of a Chrysler be the reason he’s ‘forgetting where he’s from’ lately? Could a Chrysler fix all of this drama? The ad sure implies that just by driving a Chrysler, one’s character and street cred elevate substantially. (Although the motto for Chevy- which he was driving- is ‘Chevy Runs Deep!’- and I have to admit, Suh’s in pretty deep!)  Between Suh and the imploding Detroit Lions team, I think we now have the poster-children for the much uttered phrase: ‘Don’t get ahead of yourselves. It’s a loooong season!’


I’m not the biggest baseball fan around, though I have been known to watch the play-offs and get a little b-ball crazy. I like the ‘chess game’ aspect of it, and I love the pitcher/hitter tension. I ALWAYS watch the World Series. I’ve been reasonably excited about the new Marlin’s stadium (our local blood bank is big into giving out free baseball tix- and they’d better keep that up…or no more home ‘platelets’ if you get my drift! I kid, of course) and on my own- without giving actual blood- I’ve been to a dozen or so Marlins games (one in a sky box!). Anyway- this past year I didn’t pay much attention to baseball, and yet- I clearly noticed this one particular, dread-locked Mets player , all the time on the ESPN highlights on the tv’s at the gym…so much so, that I eventually asked Cool-Guy Jones (Ryan) ‘Who IS that cute guy on the Mets?’…..So- fast forward to a coupla days ago- and Wala! The ‘Miami Marlins’ (orange uni’s?Hmmm…) have enticed Mr. Reyes to a ‘Stay-es’ in South Florida and play for them. Methinks I will be going to some baseball games this year.

‘Well, well…what have we got here?’

So, Jose Reyes- feel free to: ‘party in the city where the heat is on-all night on the beach till the break of dawn’….or maybe not. We want you well rested!!


‘Team D-Bag!’

There are so many nasty people- in all walks of life, and the rich, sports-figure types can be especially maddening. They seem to have won the lottery in life, but rather than be grateful and/or humble, they choose to drink their own Kool-Aid and walk all over everyone in their path. Kyle Busch has long been known as a complete a-hole on Nascar tracks all over America- making nasty comments and fighting with – well- pretty much any human being that he comes in contact with. He just does not care to be a decent or rational human being and makes enemies constantly, whether it’s by cheating, whining, or throwing punches at the track. But USUALLY these kind of jerks blow merrily down  their paths of rudeness like spoiled brats, continuing to rake in the dough, and give the finger to the people who support and help their careers.

So, it was with much joy that I found  out that Mr. Kurt (curt!) Busch has been fired from the Penske Racing Team for being an arrogant jerk! Seriously, he is such a douche that he has been fired for it!! Wow! Amazing! It almost makes one think there actually IS some justice in the world, after all! (And boy would I like to get a look at his ‘Penske File!’ Hey Costanza….)


“Who’s stoppin’ me? I mean, really- WHO?”

Please- SOMEBODY!- Step-up!


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“Here ya go, Daddy. I mean- Mr. Goodell….”

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