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Pre-Teasin’ 2 : Jets Edition

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It’s either that or Rock, Paper, Scissors……

When they said Tim was a ‘quick learner’ they were spot on!

The caption under this pic read: “FIREMAN ED REALLY LOVES FIELD GOALS! I can’t beat that one!

Gotta love New York! But come on, guys! The Season hasn’t even started yet!

Tim Tebow Signature Nike cleats: Exceptionally good in wet weather conditions ( rain, mud, walking on water)

Well, they have already set a record. First team in 35 years unable to score a touchdown in 3 consecutive pre-season games. I can’t speak for Sanchez, but what do you expect when you hire a ‘back-up’ quarterback who’s morally opposed to ‘scoring?’ 

Ordinarily, the Jets put this out to the fans in a ‘football’s back- let’s kick some ass!’ kind of way. This year, the fans put it out to the Jets, in a ‘Seriously- what-the-hell-is-happening?’ kind of way…………..

I mean this all in good fun. Really! Nothing’s real till the season starts. But as usual, it’s always a lot of fun talking about the New York Jets!!!

ps: That Denver/Niners game was cool, huh? Almost had the energy of a real season game!

Just Sayin’

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Even though everyone seems to thrive on bragging about how ‘busy’ they are (and yet, they watch every show on tv, see every movie and play Farmville) isn’t Nail Art the absolute proof that people have way too much time on their hands? Literally?!

What is this ridiculousness? Is there such a thing as ‘Fingernail Hoarders!’


Did it really take 37 hours to watch the Daytona 500 this year? And how did it happen that I (not the guys) ended up being the one to stick it out? I haven’t really cared about Nascar in a few years (since Earnhardt went to the other side) It was cancelled completely on Sunday. I do think it was a good idea to run the race Monday night instead of at 12:00 noon (otherwise everyone’s at work) and I think they should implement that from now on, for all postponed races.

Bizarro World?!!!

The crash that occurred when Juan Pablo Montoya lost control of his car and hit the safety patrol truck (loaded with 200 gallons of jet fuel!) was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in Nascar! Everyone walked away, but the fire was something like ‘Inferno!’…this led to a two to three hour  delay, and at that point I was like: ‘I’ve stuck it out this far….’ and next thing you know: It’s 1am, and Matt Kenseth wins, Earnhardt in 2nd. Pretty anticlimactic. I still don’t know why I didn’t change the channel….I think I was hypnotized by that jet fuel!


I wasn’t a Davy Jones girl….but I sure loved reading Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine. Davy was one of the many cuties in those pages, and who can forget the Marcia Brady/Davy Jones Dance Debacle? The fact that we all swooned over those magazines was a testament to our ‘Daydream Believing!’


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Mama Bird’s Blog / Don’t Hate Me Because I Hate Football.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that lots of women hate football? I ‘get’ that I like football more than the average woman. I’m okay with that, and I don’t force any of my lady friends to watch football with me, and everything’s cool. But I really feel sorry for the guys out there who like football, and have to get bitched at about it by their wives and/or girlfriends on a regular basis. There are a plethora of commercials about guys who have to ‘disguise’ the fact that they’re watching football or even keeping track of the score. “ARE YOU CHECKING THE SCORES?!’ the woman will bellow, and the idiot guy will  cower and try to deny that he’s -ohmyGod!-watching football. I want with every bone in my body for the guy to say: ‘YES! I’M CHECKING THE SCORES! WHAT ARE YOU? MY MOTHER?!…but of course, bumbling, doofus guys are a staple of Madison Avenue, so…no.

The woman who wrote the blog above (‘Mama Bird’) is obviously very bothered that her husband doesn’t want to go shoe shopping, watch Lifetime tv movies with her, or drink Cosmopolitans and talk to her about her feelings over joint pedicures.  She seems to be bragging that her husband only watches two teams, and even then- on the DVR! (What lover of football would ever do this, other than in an emergency? His football ‘loving’ is somewhat suspect!) but all I can think is: This poor guy! WHY can’t he just like football, and be done with it? I wonder if he ever tells her what to like or not like? When was the last time you heard a guy say: “Don’t go shopping?”  

There are plenty of things that other people love that I hate: American Idol, Golf, All Awards Shows including The Oscars and The Academy Awards, Country Music, Classic Rock, Mystery and Romance Novels, Anime and Super Hero Movies, Chick Flicks and Lady Gaga, just to name a few. They all make me sick! But I don’t confront the people who do like those things and try and convince them not to! This Mama-Bird woman is probably fostering resentment in her husband, and he’ll more than likely go somewhere to watch football in peace with his friends when he gets tired of kissing her ass.  The man in my life- I can’t imagine trying to get him to stop watching his Drag Racing, or the action movies he happens to like more than football. Why in the world do I want to guilt him into changing how he spends his Sundays? Or how he wants to relax. He’s off-the-clock! He’s a man, not a child! I just don’t ‘get’ why women so actively want to ‘cut guys off’ from the sports they want to watch!

I understand that ‘Mama Bird’ has a blog, (which I came across randomly) and she’s expressing herself-just like I am- but what she is saying is so common, and has been for a long time. It’s become acceptable wife/girlfriend behavior. I just think there are so many worse things a man can do other than like football- and want to watch it. Think about the things that you like- be it music, books, shopping, shoes – what would you feel like if someone constantly bitched at you to stop enjoying it? What if you posted your favorite song on Facebook and people wrote in to say ‘That song sucks?’ Would you suddenly NOT LIKE that song? Of course you wouldn’t- but you’d think the person who wrote that was a jerk.



There’s a lot of (mostly) women out there right now who are venting about hating football. I’m very lucky to have cool, funny friends, so we can all joke about it, and laugh.(Kris! Lor!) But some people are practically spitting nails about their football hatred. And they won’t change a single mind, or make any of us football lovers like it one bit less. Football’s almost over, as well. So cool your jets and think about it: why do you like the things you like? And who I am, to argue with you? I’m fine to just let you enjoy your stuff. And when I have nothing nice to say about it- I’ll keep it to myself. Hut Hut.

‘Breaking Bad’ (calls!)

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“C’mon, Man!”

Tom Coughlin: ‘Sick to my stomach’ over photo validating Jake Ballard’s Giant TD – NYPOST.com.


God knows, we’ve all been there. Nothing in sports can drive one as crazy as the blown call! Even with instant replay and challenges it still happens- and will continue to happen. Everyone feels bad about it, but the only time we feel legal action! must be taken, referees dismissed, the entire country should come to a halt and fix this thing!! is when it happens to OUR  favorite team! Then,  it feels like a social injustice, and it’s hard for us to see people going along – lalala- like it’s just another day. WTF?! My team lost on a BAD CALL mofo’s- and I’ll be needing you all to show the proper amount of indignation. Luckily, the feeling passes rather quickly. Usually within a month or two. (Unless it’s the play-offs!)

Not that it helps in any way, shape or form, but in the Giants case, at least it wasn’t at the end of the game. Because it happened in the first half, one can imagine that even if the call had been correctly identified, it may have altered what play Green Bay called next, and so on and so forth, and it isn’t a given that the Giants would have won. Though they came so freakin’ close- and looked damn good! Like they definitely had it in’em!! I feel for their fans, and can relate to that gut-wrenching feeling of having been cheated out of a possible win.

That being said, I think the amount of calls that do get called properly- because of challenge flags and upstairs reviews- have greatly improved the chances of getting the right call made, which is a win-win for the game in general.


“Imma be E-Bay Rich, Bitches!”

Cam Newton is on fire- and has been all season. As a rookie quarterback! Unfortunately, his Carolina Panthers can’t register ‘W’s’, and he’s been overshadowed by God’s son, Mr.  Timothy TeBlow. I enjoyed watching Cam play Sunday- goofing around with his team and opponents, and after his record-setting play (13 Rushing Touchdowns, a record that’s held since the 60’s) – when he danced over to a sixteen year old wearing a ‘Mrs. Newton’ shirt, and handed her the ball. All I could think was ‘Wow’- that chick just hit pay-dirt, that ball is worth a serious chunk of change! (I’m so jaded! I didn’t even visit the ‘she can hold onto it forever’ school of thought. Ah- if only I were from a ‘simpler’ time….)

The 16 year old (Katie Brown) was asked shortly thereafter, if she would surrender the ball because it had to go to the Football Hall Of Fame, in Canton. In exchange she was given another regulation (but un-blessed) football and four Panther’s hats. (There was a promise of ‘more stuff in the mail’ as well) She was really cool about it (thus ruining any chances of being the subject of the next 30×30 on ESPN) and said she knew that the ball was special to Cam, and had no problem giving it up. (Don’t go on E-Bay, Katie! Don’t play ‘what if!’) I find it refreshing to see how classy a 16 year old can be (take note everyone else!), and it was a sweet moment to watch.


“I’m as elusive on the field as that Pot of Gold is at the end of the Rainbow!”

Marshawn Lynch is one scary dude! He has an aura about him that is dark and intimidating. Like, for real! Who wouldn’t want this guy on their team? What a game he had against the Eagles in Seattle! Especially the play where he disappeared into the pile, miraculously re-appeared, and then scored! Whoah! Because he’s such a tough player, and so ‘beastly’ – it was especially cute to watch his little in-game Skittles ritual. The fact that it was candy- ohgodforbid! SUGAR!!-made it even funnier. I can imagine the horror all of those granola-toting, organic, earth mother types out there in Seattle felt- rushing to cover their children’s eyes, and top-off their soy-milk filled sippy-cups (non-toxic, recyclable). Of course, many of those types don’t watch the violent game of football in the first place. Right?? Poor things!


Unlike Ndamukong Suh himself, I’m not gonna pile on right now…..although I will say that the most questionable thing about this accident (to me) is: Why wasn’t Suh driving a Chrysler, the car he did the commercial for? Could the lack of a Chrysler be the reason he’s ‘forgetting where he’s from’ lately? Could a Chrysler fix all of this drama? The ad sure implies that just by driving a Chrysler, one’s character and street cred elevate substantially. (Although the motto for Chevy- which he was driving- is ‘Chevy Runs Deep!’- and I have to admit, Suh’s in pretty deep!)  Between Suh and the imploding Detroit Lions team, I think we now have the poster-children for the much uttered phrase: ‘Don’t get ahead of yourselves. It’s a loooong season!’


I’m not the biggest baseball fan around, though I have been known to watch the play-offs and get a little b-ball crazy. I like the ‘chess game’ aspect of it, and I love the pitcher/hitter tension. I ALWAYS watch the World Series. I’ve been reasonably excited about the new Marlin’s stadium (our local blood bank is big into giving out free baseball tix- and they’d better keep that up…or no more home ‘platelets’ if you get my drift! I kid, of course) and on my own- without giving actual blood- I’ve been to a dozen or so Marlins games (one in a sky box!). Anyway- this past year I didn’t pay much attention to baseball, and yet- I clearly noticed this one particular, dread-locked Mets player , all the time on the ESPN highlights on the tv’s at the gym…so much so, that I eventually asked Cool-Guy Jones (Ryan) ‘Who IS that cute guy on the Mets?’…..So- fast forward to a coupla days ago- and Wala! The ‘Miami Marlins’ (orange uni’s?Hmmm…) have enticed Mr. Reyes to a ‘Stay-es’ in South Florida and play for them. Methinks I will be going to some baseball games this year.

‘Well, well…what have we got here?’

So, Jose Reyes- feel free to: ‘party in the city where the heat is on-all night on the beach till the break of dawn’….or maybe not. We want you well rested!!


‘Team D-Bag!’

There are so many nasty people- in all walks of life, and the rich, sports-figure types can be especially maddening. They seem to have won the lottery in life, but rather than be grateful and/or humble, they choose to drink their own Kool-Aid and walk all over everyone in their path. Kyle Busch has long been known as a complete a-hole on Nascar tracks all over America- making nasty comments and fighting with – well- pretty much any human being that he comes in contact with. He just does not care to be a decent or rational human being and makes enemies constantly, whether it’s by cheating, whining, or throwing punches at the track. But USUALLY these kind of jerks blow merrily down  their paths of rudeness like spoiled brats, continuing to rake in the dough, and give the finger to the people who support and help their careers.

So, it was with much joy that I found  out that Mr. Kurt (curt!) Busch has been fired from the Penske Racing Team for being an arrogant jerk! Seriously, he is such a douche that he has been fired for it!! Wow! Amazing! It almost makes one think there actually IS some justice in the world, after all! (And boy would I like to get a look at his ‘Penske File!’ Hey Costanza….)


“Who’s stoppin’ me? I mean, really- WHO?”

Please- SOMEBODY!- Step-up!

Jets Crash, “Son” Rises

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My Favorite Play? Why, The ‘Hail Mary!’ of course!

Well, that was a disaster for the New York Jets! They were beaten ‘Na,Na,Na, Na, Naa’ style, by  Tebow himself with a minute left to go. Could the Jets rally? What do you think?

I wasn’t  pissed that the Jets lost, as much as I was that the Broncos won.

It got me to thinking about what it is about Tim Tebow that is so polarizing? I had the definite feeling that I was watching a ‘show’  (maybe the 700 Club?) when Tebow started pointing up to the sky, praying, (re:’Tebowing’) and then skipped over to lead the prayer circle. He’s brought religion onto the field, and I guess he’ll keep bringing it. I don’t hate religion, or Jesus or God or whatever people choose to believe in, but personally I think we’re opening a can of worms in a neutral territory.

Does it ever occur to Timmy that if ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ is on your side, that he has to be AGAINST the other guys? That God would have to actively DISLIKE all of the other teams and players, many who have had much harder struggles than you, to make it in the NFL….and isn’t it disturbing to think that Jesus plays favorites, even if you happen to be that favorite right now? Does it bother you that God is watching football rather than saving babies who have cancer, or stopping famine, or preventing the next Tsunami?

A rare glimpse of Tebow’s dog, Goliath,who “could walk to Hawaii, if he felt like it” according to Tim.

When Tebow left the field, and began his long, pious walk from the field, through the tunnel (for effect?) shedding his jersey, and leading a crowd of followers like an Under Armor Messiah back out onto the field (stopping to sign a shirt for a small child and his Dad, and conveniently ignoring the person next to them holding out a hat) I felt like I was watching a made-for-tv Lifetime Movie ‘God’s Quarterback: First and Ten Commandments’….and by the time he made it  to the sportscasters booth to be  praised, I half expected Mary Magdalene – or a Bronco’s cheerleader at least, to come over and wash his feet.

Tebow has lots of innovative ideas for Mile High Stadium. Here’s how he envisions the new uprights.

Tebow is is UBER-aware of what he is doing. He knows when the red light is on, and he plays to the camera. (though it might be entertaining, if he at least, pointed down when he threw an interception, or wiggled fake devil-horns with his fingers when he was sacked!)

I get the feeling there are a lot of people in Tebow’s life who are very vested in his ‘message’, and that they believe Tim is very ‘special’ and magnanimous, like a Christian Pied-Piper, or the first Pig-skin Preacher. And therein lies the rub.

See- I don’t want a sermon during my NFL games. I am often involved in very ‘heathen-like’ activities while switching off between actual games and the Red Zone, come Sunday afternoon. I may have a friendly bet going, I may be  tossing back a few alcoholic beverages, I’m definitely cursing my ass off (in a high sing-song voice for amazing plays and an angry croak for blown coverages) This is not the time for Reverend Snow to show up and find Jack, Janet and Chrissy ‘in the shower’. Game time runs rampant with possible ‘misunderstandings’, and I, for one, don’t want to be bummed out, or judged by Pastor Buzzkill. Or, God Forbid! be caught Roster-bating to my best friend ‘s Fantasy line-up!

So, forgive me, Tim- but I prefer the Neutral Zone, a place where we were all comfortable until you showed up. NFL means: ‘No Freakin’ Lectures’. I don’t want to have the feeling I get when there’s a cop behind me on the road. It’s not that I’m doing anything particularly wrong, but it’s been awhile since I looked at the rulebook. So please, Tim- lay off! In the name of the Gators, The Bronco’s and The Super Bowl. Amen.

‘Orange You Embarrassed, Miami?’

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The Dolphins are a disgrace. So much so, that I cringe just writing  about them. Reggie Bush says they ‘stink’. Ordinarily I’d bash him for publicly outing his team, but after Sunday’s Tebow Take-over, I think Bush showed a lot of restraint by just saying that. It’s amazing that a big-market team like the Dolphins can fall into such disarray, but what’s more shocking is that it seems as if the organization – staff, players, and owners- could care less!!

Never before have I seen a team celebrate their opponents the way they did with Tim Tebow. They praised him, welcomed him like a long lost and adored relative, and topped it off by handing him a win in the last five minutes of the game. Tebow walked on water alright- and rode his Broncos right into the end zone. The Dolphins showed no fight, had no enthusiasm, no Pride!- and of course, no good plays. What is wrong with this picture? (Figuratively and literally!)

Put a helmet on that lamb and what do you have? The Miami Dolphins playing the Broncos, Sunday!

The Miami Dolphins Organization are the biggest joke in football- and I’ll tell you why: Because they care more about their ridiculous ‘Orange Carpet’ than they do their team! The ‘celebrity’ gimmick…..Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Marc Anthony, WHO CARES??!! I don’t understand how this has become the focus of a freakin’ FOOTBALL TEAM!! (and these people are so boring!) It makes me sick to have to sit through all of the crap on the screen at Sun-Life Stadium….JLo says: Go Dolphins!, Fergie says: Go Fins! Pitbull says: ‘something in spanish, Dolphins!’- What is this? E! Channel or Entertainment tonight?! I HATE it! None of this is about FOOTBALL, and quite frankly, it is making the Dolphins a laughing stock!

You know who I DO want to see walking the Orange Carpet? A good god-damned Coach, followed by a string of dedicated and skilled players- that’s who! Wait, wait wait! I don’t mean that. I want them to roll up that hideous orange carpet and concentrate on the game of football, period. Stop the lame-ass Hollywood crapola- it’s SOFT! Man Up and Play! Have some pride. Stop embarrassing the people of South Florida!

‘Throw these Divas on the field. They can’t be any worse than the Dolphins themselves- plus I’d love to see them get roughed up!!

Breaking News: Tom Brady has cut his hair!!

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Breaking news and breaking hearts! I officially declare an emergency meeting of girls who love long hair on guys….because we have a rampant case of restless scissors and this has got to stop! Not all guys with long hair are hot, but it’s a shame when the ones that are lop it off! I have some of these guys in my real life (and thanks for that, by the way) and I’m being told that long hair is ‘out’. Well- speak for yourself, mister- coz I’m not buying it!

‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Cut!’

Breaking News: Tom Brady has cut his hair – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

“Did you see ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night?”

I’ve already been through the trauma of Jax hacking his locks off this year on “Sons Of Anarchy’. This brings the eye-candy count down to zero on this show. At least until it grows in a bit… But what can I expect from a guy who is furious that his ‘gang’ is now dealing drugs, rather than just plain ole’ assault rifles. Murderer’s logic, I guess. But Jax- you don’t look half as cute killing people as you did last season…..(and don’t think growing that devil beard longer and pointier is helping, either! Maybe once your horns come in, I’ll re-evaluate)

‘Long hair ‘suits’ me just fine!’

Look- I know this is not exactly important sports related news, but Brady’s long hair has  brought a lot of joy to a lot of girls and women everywhere. When I say I want him to ‘go long’ I’m not always talking football. I hope he didn’t cut it after the Bills game, coz if so that makes five! fumbles for him that day!

Oh well- I guess there’s really nothing Tom Brady can do to make himself look bad (other than water slides and maybe dancing in Rio….) Looking on the bright side,  at least this will make it easier to NOT secretly wish him well all of the time, which will make pretty much everyone I watch football with very, very happy!

“You’ll never be able to wish me anything but well. And you know it!”Damn him.

‘Monday Night Football Par-Tay!’ (pt. 1)

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I lawyered up, before I posted this pic. Jackie Chiles in da house!

So, we headed down to Miami on Monday afternoon, for the opening game of Monday Night Football, featuring The Miami Dolphins vs. The New England Patriots. To be honest, I didn’t expect the Dolphins to win, and I was hoping for anything but a blow-out.

I had to put on the ‘I hate New England’ act, even though I am secretly in love with Tom Brady. My theory on the rampant ‘Brady Hater-ade’ that is spilling all over the place lately, is that it’s being bottled by  a lot of jealous folks who can’t take that the dude has it all. Super-Model wife, check. Millions of dollars, check. Handsome good looks, check. My ‘game crew’ was so anti-Pats, that I wasn’t about to start up any debates-at least not until I could sling down a few $9.00 Dixie-cups of cheap White Zinfandel, and throw all caution to the wind. If my friends knew that I actually had a Brady jersey hanging in my closet, I probably would have been deposited onto the shoulder of 1-95. Hey!- it’s not like I sleep in it every night!

The Stealth is the Bomb (er)

The place was packed-a  sold out crowd-and we killed a couple of hours tailgating and wandering through the Fan Shop, eating and drinking, and listening to some pretty cool tunes- someone on the roof? was crankin’  Weezy, TI and Metallica. The drinks were small, and crazy expensive…but hey- it’s South Florida’s biggest ‘house’ party so wtf, right?

We headed up to our seats (my nose didn’t bleed, but I was prepared to tilt my head back if it did!) Besides, there were at least fifty rows of crappier seats behind me. The crowd was animated, to say the least. That’s a nice way of saying drunk. Hank Williams came out on the field and did the ‘R.U. Ready’ song, and then Fergie (snooze….) did the National Anthem. Because of all of the 9-11 stuff , there were killer fireworks and the freakin’ Stealth flew over the stadium. Whoah! That has to be thee most bad-ass  jet  there is.(Way cooler than Mark Sanchez, anyway! har har)

The Dolphins actually showed up!

So, anyway- the game starts, the Dolphins score first, and the whole place is rocking! We’re all high- fiving and toasting our love of the Dolphins, and I must say, it was a nice five minutes. The Patriots immediately answered back, and the third of the stadium that were Pats fans took over where we left off.  I was pissed I forgot my binoculars, but even from my seat, I could see how smokin’ hot Brady looked. I could- really!

They made a huge deal about Will Smith being there, in a sky box, with Mark Anthony and D -Wade. Why do I just LOVE Will without Jada? Is that mean? I guess coz then I can imagine he’s like he was in the old days, when he was the Fresh Prince, when he did ‘Summertime’  I liked the ‘Gettin Jiggy With It’ years and the ‘Welcome to Miami’ phase, Badboys and Badboys 2 days (they blew up a mansion five miles from my house for that one!), so I was cheering Mr. Will (and D-Wade) but Marc Anthony? Seems a little creepy. Sorry. It’s the eye-sockets.

Anyway, by halftime (after I’d seen at least 20 ‘Tom Brady Sucks/Bill Belichick Swallows” shirts- coz we’re nothing if not classy down here! ps: Who wears that?) it was clear the momentum was predictably swinging towards the Patriots, but we kept drinking, high-fiving and bonding with each other, and screaming LOUD for the ‘Fins. Personally, I (think) I drank $27.00 worth of wine -over the whole day, mind you!- and I swear-if all three drinks added up to 16 oz.’s I’d be shocked. They must make a billion dollars off of alcohol at SunLife Stadium!

‘We’re goin in again, bitches!’

The Skybox Worthy.

‘Monday Night Football Par-Tay’ (pt. 2)

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‘Tom Brady: Dude Looks Like A Lady”

Ok- by now it was starting to appear that unless the Tom Brady ABOVE showed up- and apparently he didn’t….we were probably (and as predicted) going to L-O-S-E this game….but I don’t think the crowd was ready to face that yet. The hooting, hollering, the ‘Fuck You, Patriots!’ rang out left and right, and the vibe remained intoxicated and hopeful. Sure, there were a few close calls -no doubt involving Dol-and-Pat fan skirmishes- as the police, security and police-dogs flew by us on their way to the top tier, but it’s not a party till the police come, right?  (Seriously- we lucked out and everyone in our ‘seat neighborhood’ was cool, polite and just slightly profane, so I’d say we were all mirroring each other nicely.)

A few things I noticed, when the Dolphins began to ‘flounder’…..Brady had so much time in the pocket, he could have ordered a pizza (and had it delivered!) Almost every play he executed worked. At one point I commented: “Why don’t the Dolphins just lay a trail of breadcrumbs into the end-zone for the Patriots?”  Don’t even get me started on the Fins incomplete passes (though Henne looked decent) and failed schemes. As usual, I fear another season where the Dolphins fight their way up (and if need be, down) to the middle. At Best!! All of the coach’s promises tend to sound ‘cry wolf-ish’ after awhile…..

There was somewhat of a scare, when Mr. Jason Taylor ,who we are not sure is fully decontaminated from his little ‘stint’ with the Jets, twisted his ankle-or whatever -I’m not the team Dr. (but I do read the scroll at the bottom of ESPN!) and they say he’ll be out for 6-10 weeks.

“I’m hotter than you!”

But don’t worry, Taylor-ites. Even without full use of his leg he’ll still be able to ‘mentor’ and pose for pictures like the one below. Thank God! And let’s go get a god-damned snack!!!

And so the Pats prevailed. Brady threw for 517 yards- setting a Monday Night Football Record, Henne threw for 400 plus,  Jon Gruden said ‘shit’ on the national telecast, and someone (named ME) came home with a sweet (gifted!) Dan Marino throwback jersey (cha-ching!) and some good memories! What’s not to like?

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

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