About Me

( 2014) I love to write, and can be somewhat ‘animated’ with my opinions. (This means bull-headed) I am often told to ‘calm down’ and ‘not take everything so personally’ but I can’t and I won’t.

I take everything personally, especially criticism, but I think that’s true of everyone whether they admit or not. Some people are just better at hiding it.

I hate liars, followed by hypocrites, racists, thieves, people with no sense of humor, and did I say LIARS? Also: braggers, blowhards and people who can’t just let people like what they like. I think so much in the world is bullshit, but if you let yourself care too much what other people think, your life is going to be more difficult than it has to be. It has taken me eons to figure that out, to throw caution to the wind, to stop apologizing for being who I am.

I love: reading, writing, funny people, sarcasm, wit, originality, truth tellers, anyone who’s ‘down to earth’, animals, nature (isn’t it fascinating how everything runs in preconceived patterns- like how trees grow leaves with amazing patterns and there’s a whole wild world under the sea?)  I love smart people, and more than anything I love empathetic people because they truly make the world a better place. I love the creative arts-writing, painting, music, stage- though I only attempt the first.

Speaking of blogs though, I am not that good on the computer. I can’t get my pictures where I want-and half the time they disappear when I do…I know, I know- it sounds idiotic, but it is what it is.  I’m also not an English major- so if anyone reads my stories (which by the way- thank you!) I have to plead the fifth to paragraph, structure and tense problems among other things! I try and keep the spelling on point, still-shit happens. I’d like to be a great writer right out of the box, but practice is where it’s at. I’m doing the best that I know, and when I can do better I will.

‘Subway Bad-Asses’I

 I love all things 60’s, 70’s and 80’s- and tend to write about a lot of it. I read like crazy- always have, but only since I started this blog have I written every day (and most of that, I don’t post) I don’t have any illusions about ‘going viral’ or ‘from blog to book’, but I’d love to have a bigger following, and interact more with other like-minded bloggers, who I’d be glad to follow! Seriously, though- is there anything harder than trying to sum yourself up on an ‘about me’ page? 


2020: See above. It’s all still true, and if anything I feel even more sure of it all!

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little blog like this! I have NO idea what I’m doing, but I figure what’s the worst that can happen? It’s so nice of you to give it a look. It’s because of my Dad that I even know about football…..I remember being a little girl,on Muffin Lane, and he’d be gathered in the living room with his friends, watching The Green Bay Packers on a fuzzy black and white 20″ inch screen- the guys drinking Ballentine beers and smoking L&M’s. They’d get SO excited, I just had to be a part of it. (Of coarse, he’d be like: ‘Annie, go find your mother!’ so I wouldn’t hear all the swearing, after the inevitable blown plays. haha!)


  2. Hey Lisa! This is Rob great stories! awesome writing and wow how you have brought back the memories…nothing like a good ole late 70’s kegger!


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I have spent about an hour catching up on last month’s stories! Great work. I particularly liked the story of Ralph the Rooster. It brought back memories when we Bonitz girls got baby chicks and I was so excited chasing them around the yard that I accidentally stepped on one, crushing it to death. Your story of Ralph’s demise made me recall how sad I was to crush my little sister’s chick. How did I know it was hers and not my own? Well, we big sisters just “know” this stuff. Anyway, I can’t wait to read more about the exploits of the eighties. There are lots more good stories of nights at the “Raven” and more hotspots, I’m sure! Thanks for sharing your memories.


    • I so loved animals as a kid (and still do) but I was always somewhat disappointed that they didn’t talk or wear clothes. I was such a product of my Little Golden Books, and then went straight to Charlotte’s Web and The Cricket In Times Square, and Watership Down (eventually). All of these talking animals! Where were they? I fell for all of the advertising, too (Sea Monkeys? I thought they would be a nice version of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz! Help me ‘fight’ my brothers!) Nothing was ever as good in real life as what I imagined it would be when I was a kid! But Ralph was a pistol, and I can feel my heart sink just thinking about how you must have felt to accidentally harm that chick!

      I keep hopping (pun?) around from decade to decade. The 60’s, 70s and 80’s are three completely different mindsets! The 80’s is going to get crazy, and deep and dark- but hey- you can’t write if you’re ‘chicken’…..I will change every name to protect the innocent (and especially!) guilty!

      I so appreciate you taking the time to read this stuff. I have a lot of 60s stuff rolling down the pike. But next up: 70s! xo Lisa


  4. Hi Lisa, nice to be here. Like you, I love everything about the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Yeah, it’s hard to put it all in THE ABOUT ME 🙂 but so far, I like what I’ve read.


  5. Im sitting here, sippin’ some tea, ready to live vicariously through you.


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