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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles



Peyton Manning finally lost one (and why that one? I think more than a few of us wanted poetic revenge on Indie Colts owner Jim Irsay, and his backhanded insults towards Peyton. I wish he had to return every dollar Peyton made him! But hey- he showed us who he was) Though the Colts won- they lost a key component of their team in Reggie Wayne, who’s out for the season with a torn ACL. (Sadly, this also means no more ‘Make It Wayne’ signs) Broncos 33, Colts 39

The Broncos didn’t seem ‘on’ from the beginning of this game (or maybe it was that the Colts hit the ground running), but it stayed ‘winnable’ right up until the end. 

I was also contemplating the odds of a guy with the last name ‘Luck’ becoming the star quarterback of a team whose insignia is a horseshoe! For real! I mean- it’s only natural for these thoughts to run through my mind during such an equestrian themed game, right?


Not only did the Jets win this week- but they beat the Patriots-(their arch-enemy!)-and foiled one Mr. Tom Brady! Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!’ (at least for week 6- we know he’ll be back) Brady said “Losing sucks-and especially to the Jets!” Losing this game was probably more of a black eye than the actual black eye Brady sported earlier in the week. Gino Smith seems to be working, and the Jets are having more and more moments of clarity- and at least half the time they  look like actual contenders. Jets 30, Patriots 27.

GIANTS WIN ONE! DON’T DROP TO 0-7! (insert sound of one hand clapping…)

The Giants finally won a game! As Al Michaels put it before the game: ‘We all know the Universe operates on the theory that one Manning has to win each week, so I’m going with the G-Men’- and they actually beat the Vikings    – but man- was it an ugly game. Some comments from the announcers included (during the third quarter ‘This is a terrible quarter of football! Both teams are just…bad) -and after spotting Micheal Strahan on the sidelines earlier, it was implied he might need to suit up and jump in. The Vikings looked just as bad. But it’s a start. And the Giants need to thank their off-the-street acquisition, Peyton Hillis (who the Giants had released and was working as a high school coach until ten days ago)  But mainly they need to thank the Vikings (Remember what a Boss Adrian Peterson was last year, how close he came to breaking that record? Seems a lifetime ago…) Giants, 23, Vikings, 7



Even though the Texan’s Brian Cushing is out for the year after being  blocked by the Chief’s Jamaal Charles, Cushing is able to acknowledge it’s all part of the game. That’s awesome.


Brandon Marshall was fined over $10,000 for wearing green shoes for Mental Health Awareness Week. He wore them last week, and posted his notice on Twitter. As a big fan of Wellbutrin, I mean no disrespect when I ask: what does this say about Seattle?


With Denver going down, only the Kansas City Chiefs remain perfectCongratulations to them!!



This isn’t exactly sports- but I have to admit that although I’m not a Beyonce person (I’m all about Jay-Z, though!) I am super-impressed with this woman’s guts! She bungee jumped from the Aukland, New Zealand SkyTower!

The jump was 1,076 feet! Just looking at the pics are giving me height flutters! Of course, the nay-sayers were all up in a huff that ‘a mother of a young child’ would do such a thing, but I guarantee they wouldn’t have said a word if Jay-Z had done it! (The father of said young child!)

Truth Is Beauty

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People are, to me,  more beautiful in their awkwardness, in their kindness and reticence, than they ever could be under the heavy hand of Photo-shop. I love how genuine they are in their bad pictures on Tumblr and Instagram, and my heart swells as I witness their love for their pets and families in their sometimes ‘awkward family photos’  from their lives. I see the shy teenager, gingerly attempting to put themselves out there, to test the waters of self esteem, but my heart breaks when I think of the nasty comments and cruel evaluations they are leaving themselves open to. I can’t count how many times I’ve Tumblr *liked* a picture of an old family photo, a person writing underneath it: ‘Here I am, age two, with my mom and brothers’ or ‘Here’s my Mom and Dad on their wedding day!’-and maybe it’s an awkward picture, or the person isn’t ‘beautiful’ by the photo-shopped, impossible standards so many of us hold others to, but most of us are trying our best. I honestly believe that. And there is beauty in the average, in the everyday, in the familiar- perhaps more so than anywhere else.

If you read the comments section under anything on the web, you witness how quickly things go from kind to mean (to viscous!) regardless of the subject. It could be an article about planting seeds in the springtime, a baby picture, a vintage shot of an old haunt-and someone, somewhere will find a way to lash out at it, put it down, insult it, argue about it- for no other reason than to be cruel! Why is human nature so negative? Why do people, once they become anonymous, so often turn feral? Why is everyone so angry?! I am absolutely positive that somewhere among the anonymous yet obscenely ‘casual’ vitriol is the formula that explains War and Poverty and Racism and Hate. If only we could deconstruct this and harness this negative energy for good!!!

Celebrate original people!

Celebrate original people!

I make it a point to never take part in trolling. Sure, I see things I don’t like, or read comments I don’t agree with- but I just move along. I’m no Pollyanna (as my blog will attest to!) I do, however make it a habit  to make lots of anonymous positive comments, because you never know when it’s just what someone needs to keep going.  And it’s not hard to press a like button, or post a kind word of encouragement! Being ‘anonymous nice’ makes me feel like I’m nudging karma in the right direction., and adding something good to the mix, rather than slamming down, like a wrecking ball, people’s good intentions.


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