Sports Snobbery

In Game Day Sweet on June 26, 2013 at 11:20 am

Almost everyone loves sports. Whether it be football, soccer, baseball- the NBA, tennis, golf….whatever your flavor, there’s nothing more exciting than rooting for your favorite player (s) and enjoying a few hours of action. But like everything else in this world- there’s a hierarchy that exists, and believe it or not there are enforcers out there who want you to know: their sport  is superior. As are they, And theirs. Like the Queen Of England, or the King of Brussels. (Insert Bronx cheer here) 

We are so impressed that you can fund your daughter's equestrian hobby. But how fast do you think that horse could run 80 yards? Think he could clear a goal post?

We are so impressed that you can fund your daughter’s equestrian hobby. You must be a Very Big Deal! 

The worst are the out-and-out snobs. They believe that their sports are the best, only because other snobbish people prefer them. Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Riding (Equestrian), Soccer (the real futbol) and Crew. These are subliminal ways of putting it out there that your wallet is thick. Some people into these sports will insist you pay attention to their sport, but often poo-poo any mention of your favorite pedestrian sports- NFL Football, Baseball, Racing (Nascar, NHRA) and –heaven forbid!- the NBA (what with all of those African Americans and their Ebonics and tattoos!!) 

I once spent Thanksgiving at a Golf/Tennis house with my husband and son. Obviously, there was NFL football ‘available’. We socialized for hours, had dinner, bid our time beautifully- but when my son and I wanted to watch football on Thanksgiving (I know: crazy, right?) we were literally blocked from watching.  It felt like the Golf/Tennis people were intent on teaching us some kind of lesson. But what? My son and I have often discussed what lesson it was: I thought it was’ Don’t let your guests enjoy what you don’t personally like’-(unless you’re a titan of Wall Street and/or rich- because if you are, and visit said household,  then you can literally move the tv-and the furniture, paint the walls even- if you so desire! They will scramble to please you!)  My son, was much more to the point- he felt the lesson was: Don’t ever spend Thanksgiving in an NFL Hating house! (That’s the one we now abide by)

The funny thing is- if those same people had been at our house and wanted to watch golf or tennis- we’d have never denied it to them. In fact we’d have graciously set them up comfortably, and tried to get an insight into that particular sport. Because regardless of what sport you like, why would anyone want to deny you the fun of watching it? We’re very impressed with your social status and stoicism, but your rudeness (and that’s what it is) makes us rejoice at being cheap beer to your ‘champagne’. We prefer life in the cheap seats. Because there we aren’t required to wear masks.

Thanksgiving without Football? Blasphemy!

Thanksgiving without Football? Blasphemy!


If you don’t like the sports that I do- rather than try and put it down, or Broadcast Block me- why not just chalk it up as a difference of opinion, and respect someone else’s? Leave the competition to the players, and let us to what we like! 


What do you think?

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