Pre-Teasin’ 2 : Jets Edition

In Game Day Sweet, GAME DAY SWEET: 2012 Season on August 27, 2012 at 6:53 pm

It’s either that or Rock, Paper, Scissors……

When they said Tim was a ‘quick learner’ they were spot on!

The caption under this pic read: “FIREMAN ED REALLY LOVES FIELD GOALS! I can’t beat that one!

Gotta love New York! But come on, guys! The Season hasn’t even started yet!

Tim Tebow Signature Nike cleats: Exceptionally good in wet weather conditions ( rain, mud, walking on water)

Well, they have already set a record. First team in 35 years unable to score a touchdown in 3 consecutive pre-season games. I can’t speak for Sanchez, but what do you expect when you hire a ‘back-up’ quarterback who’s morally opposed to ‘scoring?’ 

Ordinarily, the Jets put this out to the fans in a ‘football’s back- let’s kick some ass!’ kind of way. This year, the fans put it out to the Jets, in a ‘Seriously- what-the-hell-is-happening?’ kind of way…………..

I mean this all in good fun. Really! Nothing’s real till the season starts. But as usual, it’s always a lot of fun talking about the New York Jets!!!

ps: That Denver/Niners game was cool, huh? Almost had the energy of a real season game!

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